Arabic warm wax 800ml

Special wax for removing thick, stiff hair. With a sensual Arabic aroma.
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Arab hot wax with OLD aroma, 800ml

Italwax Flex Arabic is an innovative wax for the removal of hair on large surfaces, such as arms, legs or backs. The wax has an average density and is based on extracts of OLD tree wax. The combination of the highest-quality synthetic and natural wax with innovative ingredients ensures that the epilation proceeds smoothly.

Once hardened, the wax forms a thin film on the skin that all types of hair grips and provides a firm grip on the epilatiestrip. Flex waxing is less painful compared to traditional soft wax because Flex does not stick to the skin. The melting point of the wax is 37 to 39 DEG C.

Benefits of ItalWax Flex:

- ItalWax Flex wax removes 100% of the hair,
- ItalWax Flex wax does not leave behind sticky surface,
- ItalWax Flex wax significantly reduces the sense of pain during epilation,
- Flex ItalWax wax is ideal for all hair types, from delicate to thick
-. ItalWax Flex removing tough, dark hairs even when they are very short

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