Large disposable wax spatulas made of wood 60 pieces

60 large, disposable, wooden wax spatulas for applying wax to larger areas such as the legs and back.
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Oversized wooden disposable wax spatulas 60 pieces


Created for use with film wax and liquid wax
In accordance with the "no double dipping' principle
Used to extract cream pots hygienically


Heat the film wax or liquid wax in a suitable wax-heater.
Pak with the spatula, the right amount of wax and bring it to the area to be treated while holding the spatula with wax on it rotating holds so as to prevent the wax flows can be detached.

Apply with the spatula a thin layer of wax on the area to be treated, in the direction of hair growth.

Insert by use of liquid wax is a wax strip to about the wax and press it on.
Allow to cool the wax, for some time, and remove the wax of the tight skin in one movement against the direction of hair growth.

The use of a preparatory spray and post-treatment is recommended.


Content: 60 pieces
Dimensions: 24mm x 200mm x1,6mm
material: Wood
Use in: Larger parts of the body
Use with: Film Wax or liquid wax < / p>


in a cool and dry place
each spatula Throw away after use

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