Fiber Filler eyebrow powder

WUNDERBROW FIBER FILLER is a waterproof and easy-to-apply eyebrow powder that creates a fuller eyebrow with a nice, soft finish.
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  • Color: Blonde
  • Color: Brunette
  • Color: Auburn / Auburn
  • Color: Black / Brown
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Wunder Brow eyebrow powder

Natural looking colors with "hair-like" fibers standing for 24 hours successively to the skin, and adhering the existing hair. For stunning natural brows.

WUNDER BROW FIBER FILLER's Fiber Lock Technology uses two different types of fiber for a perfect, more natural-looking eyebrow. The first fills the eyebrow and the second dimension that gives the color looks more realistic. Fibers are then mixed in powders which fix both the skin and the existing hair for 24+ hours.

WUNDER BROW FIBER FILLER is formulated with a Brow Conditioning Complex which is rich in vitamin E, cocoa butter and keratin, which you can create healthy-looking eyebrows, both short and long term.

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