Disinfectant spray based on denatured ethyl alcohol 80%, 100 ml

Disinfectant Hand disinfectant spray with atomizer for disinfecting skin, instruments and surfaces.
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Disinfection liquid with alcohol 80% and the injector.

Disinfection fluid on the basis of denatured ethyl alcohol for disinfecting the skin, instrumentation and surfaces.

skin disinfection.

The agent is only for the disinfection of the persistently intact skin, i.e., skin that will not be opened or punctured after disinfection. Disinfect the skin clean and dry out properly. The agent on the treated skin with, for example, applying a celstofdepper. As far as application of the agent, that the treated skin remains moist during the entire reaction time (at least 30 seconds).

Next, dry the skin. Minimum contact time: 30 seconds


disinfection of hard surfaces.

This means only be applied to small areas (up to 0.5 m 2). Clean surfaces to be treated first. A cleaning agent used thereby, rinse with clean water. Remove any excess water.

Apply the agent with a cloth or wad of cotton wool to the surface to be treated and let +/- soak for 5 minutes. When disinfecting the amount of liquid using that the surface remains wet during the entire exposure time period. Hereinafter, for example, with a cellulose cloth wipe dry the surface.

Contact time: 5 minutes +/-


Legal gebruiksvoorschift:

is permitted only to the use as a means for the protection of:

  1. Bacteria (excluding mycobacteria and protecting bacterial spores), yeasts and fungi on surfaces remaining intact skin in human health care, pedicure practice in beauty salons and nail salons.
  2. Bacteria (excluding mycobacteria and bacterial spores), yeasts, fungi and viruses on hard surfaces and instruments in the human and veterinary health care in pedicure practice in beauty salons, in nail studios and laboratories, with the exception of surfaces that may contact come with food, drink and the ingredients used. The dosage and time of exposure as indicated must be adhered to in the instructions. Used dip should be disposed of as hazardous waste. The product is intended for professional use.

Disinfection spray for:

  • Anything that comes in contact with your hands.
  • furniture and objects.
  • Office / study, mouse, keyboard.
  • Door handles or knobs.
  • Plexiglas plates.
  • Add
  • Kitchen
  • Sanitary
  • Windows
  • Stainless steel
  • Auto


Max Hendriks Posted on 9 September 2020 at 14:00

Had disinfectie spray besteld bij Bol.com. Daar kreeg ik na 5 dagen pas te horen (3 dagen nadat het geleverd moest worden) te horen dat ze niet konden leveren.

Daarna bij hars discounter besteld en kreeg het de volgende dag binnen.


Kenrick Huibers Posted on 10 August 2020 at 09:46

Ik heb deze spray in mijn auto liggen. Na het boodschappen doen in de supermarkt kan ik dan gelijk mijn handen desinfecteren :)


Bart Sanders Posted on 6 August 2020 at 11:33

Handige spray en snel bezorgd. Helemaal top!

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