Intense eyelashes and eyebrows color 20ml

Create a unique look with intense lashes and eyebrows. Intense colors give a more intense color on the forehead compared to other brands of colors.
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Intensive eyebrow & lashes color

Do you always cared and ax-top open and pay attention to detail? Make sure now that you not only during the day tiptop cared bijloopt but every hour of the day

The new Intensive eyebrow & amp; lashes of Biosmetics you never putting make up more awkward to stage and you instantly fresh and made from your bed! Your eyebrows and eyelashes look instantly fuller and longer and you do not waste time and money on makeup and makeup removers!

The main features:

  • Intensive Eyelash & amp; eyebrow that lasts
  • Water resistance
  • does not fade by external
  • influences
  • No more clumsy make-up
  • 20 ml is enough for about 30 color treatments
  • Also suitable for eyebrows

Note: this Eyelash & amp; eyebrow must be mixed with a developer! If you are not using a developer paint will yield no result Do so immediately one of the following developers:


Step 1:
Delete contact lenses. Make the eyes and lashes clean with our eye makeup remover foam.

Step 2:
Now take two intensive paper pads and protective cream

Step 3
Place the protective pads with the molded side down, under the eyelashes to prevent tint touches the skin.

Step 4
Immediately before use of color hue, tint stirring with 2 cm color, and 6 drops of intensive care of developer or developer liquid until it becomes a creamy paste
Important note:. Use for the dyeing of the eyelashes 2, 3, or 6% cream developer.

Step 5
Apply the shade immediately after the preparation for the eyelashes and eyebrows. Ensure that all parts of eyelashes and eyebrows are dyed client keep eyes constantly closed.

Step 6
Then mix color in the same way for eyebrows with the same procedure and then apply it to the eyebrows in the direction of hair growth.
Step 7
The tone of the eyelashes develops after 5 -10 minutes, depending on the desired intensity of the color. The hue of the eyebrows develops after 5-10 minutes, depending on the desired intensity of the color. The longer, the more intense will be the color. Please begin cleaning the eyebrows. After this reaction time remove the shade with water and a cotton swab
After the reaction of the lashes, carefully remove the protective paper and remove the excess color with a dry cotton pads. Remove the remaining residue of the paint gently with moist cotton wool. Rub towards the nose. If necessary, use the Eyepearl Remover.
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