Film wax Natural

Transparent wax with a special gentle formula for sensitive areas.
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Film Natural Wax for sensitive zones.

Transparent wax with a special delicate formula for sensitive zones. The wax follows the contours of the body and grip the short and stiff hairs on uneven surfaces. This wax is used on a very low temperature, making it ideal for sensitive skin in delicate areas

Content . 1Kg waxparels


1. Heat the wax for an operating temperature of 45 ° degrees (113 ° F);
2. Treat the depilatory area with a Italwax alcoholic lotion in order to be degreased and residues of cosmetic products to remove the skin;
3. Apply a small amount of talc;
4. Using a spatula was a thin layer, regardless of the direction of hair growth, but to you, with a little "into" leaves that will later be used as a grip. Pay attention! Do not rush during application, press the spatula thoroughly with the necessary strength;
5. The wax will harden in about 5-6 seconds. During this period, the wax takes all the hairs. The wax should not stick to the hand remain in contact;
6. Stretch the skin in the direction opposite to the abrasion, and remove the wax in a quick motion away from you and parallel to the skin;
7. Repeat the procedure in the following areas; 8. Treat the skin after hair removal with a soothing, cooling, and oil-free product of Italwax.

Ingredients : rosin (colophony), glycerylfarsinaat, dimeerhars, ethylene / VA copolymer, paraffin wax, synthetic beeswax, hydrogenated coconut oil



Safa El Ouarnaghli Posted on 31 May 2021 at 00:26

Tot dus ver de beste wax dat ik van de site heb geprobeerd, neemt tot de kortste en dunste haren mee


Kimmy Jonk Posted on 10 August 2020 at 10:46

De wax is wat zachter dan wat ikzelf gewend ben. Het kan wat draderig zijn als het niet voldoende is afgekoeld. Het pakt wel de fijne haartjes mee en werkt goed op de intieme plekken.

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