Film wax azulene

Transparent film wax for removing short and stiff hair.
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Italwax Film Wax Azulene

Transparent film wax. Apply in thin layers, remove, as a film. This wax has a short period of hardening causing an experienced beautician can wax quickly in conditions of a tight schedule. It is effective for the removal of coarse and short hairs. Ideal for underarms and bikini areas deep

Melting temperature:. 40 ° Celsius
Available in: 1kg bag of 500 grams


1. Heat the wax for an operating temperature of 45 ° degrees (113 ° F);
2. Treat the depilatory area with a Italwax alcoholic lotion in order to be degreased and residues of cosmetic products to remove the skin;
3. Apply a small amount of talc;
4. Using a spatula was a thin layer, regardless of the direction of hair growth, but to you, with a little "into" leaves that will later be used as a grip. Pay attention! Do not rush during application, press the spatula thoroughly with the necessary strength;
5. The wax will harden in about 5-6 seconds. During this period, the wax takes all the hairs. The wax should not stick to the hand remain in contact;
6. Stretch the skin in the direction opposite to the abrasion, and remove the wax in a quick motion away from you and parallel to the skin;
7. Repeat the procedure in the following areas; 8. Treat the skin after hair removal with a soothing, cooling, and oil-free product of Italwax.

Ingredients : rosin (colophony), glycerylfarsinaat, dimeerhars, ethylene / VA copolymer, paraffin wax, synthetic beeswax, hydrogenated coconut oil, CI 61565 (D & amp; C Green 6), paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil ), guaiazulene.


Inge Van Vuuren Posted on 13 October 2021 at 09:43

Fijne wax, vind persoonlijk de geur wel iets minder prettig.

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