Latex Gloves 1000 pieces - Powdered

Buy latex gloves of a strong quality for optimal protection with great wearing comfort. The latex gloves have a good fit and a good sense of touch. The gloves are lightly powdered. In stock.
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Latex gloves powdered 1000 pieces | white

1 box contains 100 pieces

Strong disposable latex gloves made of flexible material for optimal protection with great wearing comfort, a good fit and a good sense of touch. The latex gloves are lightly powdered and easy to put on.


  • made of 100% natural rubber (for some users this can cause an allergic reaction with frequent use)
  • great wearing comfort, good fit and a good sense of touch
  • strong material latex
  • reasonable resistance to cuts and abrasions
  • more biodegradable (composed of a natural substance) and therefore more environmentally friendly than vinyl and nitrile
  • easy to put on
  • lightly powdered
  • contains a limited amount of latex proteins

Suitable for

  • protection against pollution and contamination in various industries, including against biological risks such as bacteria and viruses and inorganic chemicals
  • single use
    • users sensitive to latex proteins
    • for sterile procedures
    • offers poor protection against organic solvents, oil and grease

All our latex gloves comply with the European Directives for Medical Devices and Personal Protective Equipment. In addition, our gloves comply with the European directive for products that come into contact with food. The quality of the gloves is checked based on the AQL method (Level 1.5). The latex gloves meet the following requirements and standards:

  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • Suitable for Food
  • AQL 1.5 & CE Mark
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