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Good quality latex examination gloves with optimal protection. Various sizes in stock
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The Romed latex gloves are currently sold out and no longer available. As an alternative we offer the GoldGlove latex gloves from Harsdiscounter. These latex gloves have a good fit and a good tactile feel. In addition, the gloves are lightly powdered and the gloves are checked on the basis of AQL 1.5 & CE label.

Check out the latex gloves from GoldGlove here.

Romed latex gloves powdered (white).


It is very important that your employees can work safely. Hands and fingers are very fragile and must be well protected. The Romed latex gloves are made of natural rubber. These gloves offer good protection against the transmission of bacteria and viruses. The disposable gloves are intended for the medical, food, beauty and cleaning industries.

The latex gloves consist of high-quality disposables with a perfect fit and optimal hygiene. The gloves are available in different sizes (S to XL). In addition, the disposable gloves comply with all HACCP guidelines.

  • These gloves have a CE category 1.
  • 100 pieces in a dispenser box.

Use: The gloves are comfortable and flexible. Latex gloves are not suitable for people with a latex allergy. Depending on the situation of use, a user can remove the powder from the outside of the glove by thoroughly wiping with a sterile wet sponge or sterile wet tissue.


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Fijn tijdens de beauty behandelingen. En ook fijn dat jullie verschillende formaten hebben.

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