Maniskin Plus - Disinfectant hand gel with 70% alcohol

This professional hand disinfectant gel contains 70% alcohol (ethanol). The perfect hand gel for hand disinfection. Also practical to take away. Effective against viruses.
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Reymerink disinfectant hand Maniskin Plus 70%

Fine disinfectant hand. Prevents drying of the hands. Not sticky and dries quickly. With convenient pump and easy to carry. Contains 70% alcohol (ethanol). Effective against (Corona) viruses where clean hands are rubbed at least 30 seconds.

Maniskin Plus is a PT 01 Biocide for human hygiene and allowed as a biocide in the Netherlands (15582N) and Belgium (5218B). Use biocides safely. Before use read the label and product information.

How to use Maniskin Plus?

Approximately 3 ml (1 x pumps) handgel undiluted on your hands for 30 seconds and thoroughly rubbing your hands over each other, also the fingers, fingers and wrists. When everything is well coated let you air dry, not nawijrven with paper or handddoek.

Available in 500ml flasks with pump and canister of 5 Liter

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