Podilon hand and skin disinfectant spray 80% alcohol, 100 ml

Disinfectant hand disinfectant spray with atomizer. Effective disinfectant against viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungi on the skin. Podilon is effective against viruses when clean hands are rubbed for at least 60 seconds.
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Podilon spray is an approved disinfectant hand cleanser.

In connection with the advance of the coronavirus CTGB product Podilon designated as suitable for use as a hands-on disinfectant (care) professionals. The product is effective against viruses.

The liquid contains 80% alcohol (ethanol).

Podilon is effective against the coronavirus where clean hands are rubbed at least 60 seconds.

is a registered Podilon Biocide. Netherlands Authorization number (N-number): 14461N. Belgium: Notif 870

Content : 100ml spray nozzle


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