Eyelash and eyebrow color Sensitive - black - set of 2

RefectoCil Sensitive Black - Suitable for any hair color, but ideal for dark eyelashes and eyebrows. Gives a black hue. Set of 2 pieces
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Eyelash & amp; Eyebrow Sensitive Paint - Black- Set of 2 pcs

This popular eyelash and eyebrow is now available for sensitive scalp! We introduce: RefectoCil Sensitive

To activate one uses the so-called Develop adrenergic l with silver nitrate and "accidents" on the skin Tint Remover Sensitive . In addition, it is convenient with the silicone pads and the artist to work pallet of RefectoCil.

The RefectoCil Sensitive has been developed with numerous vegetable dyes. The sublime blend of natural extracts the RefectoCil Sensitive is very soft and therefore very suitable for sensitive skin and eyes.

The advantages of the RefectoCil Sensitive:

  • Specially developed for sensitive skin and eyes.
  • Natural eyelash and eyebrow.
  • No risk of redness and irritation!
  • The paint was dermatologically tested.
  • Similar color result as unnatural paint.
  • Record treatment time: in just three minutes dyed
  • The beautiful color result remains 6 weeks.
  • The paint is water resistant.
  • Available in 4 colors

The RefectoCil Sensitive is available in Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown and Light:

  • RefectoCil Sensitive Black - Suitable for any hair color, but ideal for dark hair and eyebrows. Gives a black hue.
  • RefectoCil Sensitive Dark Brown - Best suited for normal and dark brown hair. A dark brown hue.
  • RefectoCil Sensitive Medium Brown - Best suited for light brown and blonde hair. Gives a warm brown tone.
  • RefectoCil Sensitive Light Brown - Best suited for light brown and blonde hair. Gives a soft, brown tint.
  • Key ingredients

This paint has been developed with the following vegetable dyes: Yarrow, horse chestnut extract, calendula, green tea, safflower, Hydrangea, Chinese Galle, St. John's wort, walnut extract, juniper, goldenrod, nettle, blueberry, chasteberry, red wine extract.


1 Paint Tube (This is enough for up to 30 times paints!).
1 Application Stick.

The color of your eyebrows or eyelashes did you include the Refectocil Sensitive eyebrow and Refectocil Sensitive Gel Developer required. Note: This should not be mixed with each other! Below we present should make steps to how you paint.

  1. Remove contact lenses before use. Clean then the eyebrows and eyelashes, make sure they are clean! Your eyebrows should be clean, free of grease and dry for optimal color results. Bring to dye eyelashes the first Refectocil Wimperblaadjes on, right on the edge of the eyelid.
  2. For convenience, use it Refectocil Paint Bowl to make the Refectocil Sensitive Paint dark eyebrow. Apply the paint with white (supplied) color stick to the eyelashes or eyebrows and make sure that all hairs are covered. Then let it soak for 2 minutes.
  3. Remove the Refectocil Eyebrow Sensitive Paint dark brown with a dry cotton pad or swab. First remove the paint on the eyebrows, then the lashes.
  4. Then apply an amount the size of a pea Refectocil Sensitive Gel Developer to another part of the Artist Pallet. Use the gray bar to put the developer on the eyelashes and eyebrows. Here too you cover all the hair. Let the developer for 1 minute (for a darker outcome can you let something longer works).
  5. Paint your eyelashes? Then the eyes serve until the cleaning is complete remain closed. Remove Sensitive Gel Developer then with a damp cotton pad skin.
  6. Around still washes the eyebrows and eyes? No problem, these spots as you wipe away using the Refectocil Sensitive Paint Stain Remover.
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