Starter set face waxing

Inexpensive set with everything you need to wax eyebrows, facial hair, lips and sideburns. With professional and durable waxheater.
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Professional facial waxing starter kit.

A smooth and soft skin without unwanted hair growth is especially important in our face. Our face is the first thing everyone looks at when they see us. Taking care of your face gives you more confidence and ensures that you can radiate who you want to be.

The face depilation can be done in various ways, including epilation, waxing, shaving and waxing. However, epilating your face takes a lot of time and after shaving the hairs grow back quickly. Fortunately, Harsdiscounter has now put together a special set for perfect hair removal of the entire face! With this you can wax and style your eyebrows, wax your upper lip or touch up your sideburns. Everything you need for facial waxing at home in one go.


  • Security mini wax heater, 100ml (white or stainless steel)
  • Italwax Selfie wax, 500g
  • Wooden wax spatulas 100 pieces, extra small
  • Aluminum jars 100ml, 5 pcs
  • Italwax Pre wax lotion "Aloe" 100ml
  • Italwax oil-free lotion "Azulene" 100ml.

Ideal for:

  • Eyebrow waxing | brow styling
  • Waxing the upper lip
  • Waxing facial hair
  • Waxing sideburns


Nicole Balk Posted on 12 January 2021 at 18:36

Wat een handige set is dit! Vooral de meegeleverde waxverwarmer is super.

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