Clean & Easy wax rollers

Wax Roller Clean & Easy small (fine)

Use this super fine wax roller with the small ‘wax filling to remove hair from the eyebrows.

Large wax roller for legs

Roll-on system for the large wax filling (for easy epilation of the legs). Price is unit price (per scooter).

Wax roller face small - 1 piece

Use this narrow wax roller together with the "small" wax filling to remove the hair from the upper lip and chin.

Big rolls pack of 24 pieces

24, large rolls for leg waxing, wrapped in a fine plastic bag. 24 pieces for the price of 18.

Wax roller bikini medium - 1 piece

You use this roller along with the middle wax fill to depilate the armpit and bikini line.

Clean & Easy brand wax rollers. Small, medium & large